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Secret Friends (Tony's review)

Ok a brief update on the below -- the basic facts are the same but a lot of the girls have changed.  Most of the "cute teen" in "girlie bedroom" sets have moved over to CamFever.  What's left on Secretfriends is some decent looking Eastern European lasses with a few variety, but generally speaking not the perfect crisp video and lighting that was there before.

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Check out Secret Friends if you wanna find some really cute girls -- all studio models by the look -- but really trying hard to be young and cute.  If cheerleader is your thing, then Secret Friends is the place to be.  You won't find the huge range of iFriends or CamContacts, nor the range of real at-home girls of imLive; but Secret Friends will definitely satisfy your need for cute well-lit studio girls.

Secret Friends Webcam girl
Choose your Secret Friends Webcam girl

Click on the "My Bio" link beside the pic to see the normal bio details, mostly not much to read but a few of the girls have filled in interesting things -- and maybe 5 gallery pics; but all webcam pics I've seen so far.  Sometimes they are really tiny too which is annoying.

Click the girls pic to go straight into the room with her.  The frame rate is a bit slow but the video is clear and the girls are mostly pretty nice.  If you want smoother video you'll want to look at LiveCamnetwork which has the best using real streaming -- or Amsterdam live is good and has variable speeds for if you are not on broadband.

Here's Monica giving the guys a nice close-up of her ass:

Secret Friends Webcam girl

Although they are mostly models in studios they have at least most of them have gone to the effort to decorate them nicely in little-girl room style.  You'll see plenty of stuffed animals if you want -- but if you want to stuff something else then you'll have to pay!

The free video is only video -- no chat.  Click the "Chat with her right now" button to go to the pay page, run by 

Right now they are doing a special offer you can't refuse -- 200 credits (that's 20 minutes chat) at no cost, you just have to give over your credit card number for verification.  Obviously the idea is that you'll like it so much you'll stick around a buy something in future!

To get you're 200 credits you have to do a $1 pre-authorization, that isn't actually a charge, it's just a confirmation that your credit card is worth at least $1.  That's a bit different from sites like iFriends that actually charge $1 ("refundable on your first purchase" of course!) when you "free join".

Once you use up your free credits, then it's 150 credits for $19.95 -- which is $1.33/min and quite reasonable.  They are even sensible enough to give discounts on bulk; buy a thousand credits and it's only 89 cents a minute.

This is by far the cheapest I have reviewed so far for regular chat.  Of course the down side is the very small number of girls to choose from; but there are enough if you know what I mean.

If you really need a large collection of girls to choose from then you are better of at one of the big sites like iFriends or CamContacts.  And if the studio girls bother you then try PrivateCamZ for more real at home girls.

For those who really like the cute teen look and are more after just getting really to know one girl then you should probably check out the one-girl site run by Casey -- Casey's Cam.

But if you want a whole bunch of cute teens is on one site, and your budget is limited, then get into Secrets Friends!




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