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Only just live

Joined: 26 Oct 2006

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 3:22 pm    Post subject: Live Video Network / Live Video Network

Called LVN for short, Live Video Network has a very warm-looking site to greet new members. It has a pitch-black background which kind of reminds me that outside the room of the model I'm viewing right now it's almost midnight. I'm in my office taking a break with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I have no webcam but the Internet connection is excellent and super fast... I mean why else would I be live-caming here instead of at home?

The models here at LVN are generally older women in their thirties. I am particularly turned off by sites who use women who work professionally in the sex industry, though I don't mind too much if they're hot. It's all about the looks and of course what she does in the private room.

So, the question is, does this site offer free video chatting? The answer is no, and if you decide to go no further with this review, I'll totally understand. I don't know why a lot of live cam sites keep doing this to potential customers. I mean if they're confident about their product why not allow surfers inside first?

The way I see it, webcam or live cam models must have at least one of two things: the looks and the charm. If the LVN models have either looks or charm then they'll have no problem making money later in the private chat rooms. In my experience, when a live cam model is hot and tries her best to satisfy your every whim (well, almost) then you got to get her for some one-on-one, as long as the price is reasonable.

Well, even from the start LVN looks to me like a losing candidate. No young cute model flirting you out of your pants and into the poor house. No hot young vixen milking her luscious melons for what they're worth. What LVN has got is a no-free-trial policy and really really old models who we hope hadn't just retired from walking the streets.

At this time, only two girls are available at LVN. One is called Kirstie. Kirstie wears glasses, her arse is a little fat and she's fast developing into a chunky girl. Her bio describes this excess flesh as "curvaceous." Yes, she's got nice tits and when she's dressed up she can be very good-looking. She's also shaved which is real nice, but for a whopping three bucks a minute for a live show, she's pricey.

The other live girl is cheaper at two bucks every minute. Called InnocentGirl, she's more my type. Besides, she's got bigger breasts and all in all looks more curvaceous than Kirstie. Not that it makes a lot of difference to me which has bigger breasts. I was kind of hoping I will get to talk to Administrator.

Yes, a really hot babe at LVN actually calls herself Administrator. Now I don't know if she's actually THE Administrator of the site, but the pictures of this 36-year-old makes me want to go mature. I was willing to part with fifty bucks to get this chick fingering herself in front of me. Well, maybe one of these days I'll catch her online.

Because it costs a pretty dough to chat with the girls, I can only give you what I think of LVN based on a two-minute chat with two of the women. This cost me ten bucks in total so bear with me.

The two girls are pretty accommodating but not as charming as the free sites I've checked out, like LiveWebDate. At LiveWebDate the models are prettier, younger and they really want to show you a good time on cyberspace. The two models I've taken to a private chat were too professional for my taste. Kirstie was actually the more charming of the two, and I got her to slip a hand inside her panties in about a minute and a half.

The good thing is that neither Kirstie nor InnocentGirl engage in time-delay tactics. I guess the girls know what the site owners don't realize. To get surfers to take out their credit cards, you've got to give them a clear idea of what they're going to get. Sure, there are a lot of surfers out there whose main purpose is to tease. Still men are men and if they like a live cam model, they'll definitely spend money on her.

As for Kirstie and InnocentGirl, they've proven one thing for me as far as LVN is concerned: These girls do put out. Just chat with them long enough and they'll be baring all and shoving fingers inside their pussies. If I don't happen to give a high rate to my experience at LVN, it's because I didn't happen to get the girls that I want.

But don't accuse me of being lazy, because I definitely am not. It actually took me three days writing this review, trying to catch Administrator's online time. Another chick at LVN that I hope to get online soon is AsianFoxy. Now AsianFoxy is actually pretty young. She's only twenty-two and she's a real Asian, too. Heck the site doesn't even know enough to supply us with her spoken language.

There are two and a half pages of models at LVN, and I don't think this is enough to keep the chat rooms busy 24/7. That's a lot of money-making opportunities wasted.

It's good that LVN will eventually provide video clips of their girls' best performances. Right now, the link is empty but I'm sure the site owners will think of something in case guests to flow in their private chat rooms fast enough.

To wrap up, here's a partial list of girls under the age of thirty at LVN: Autumn, AsianFoxy, wetandsweet, SweetLips. There's one girl that goes by the handle SexyTeen. In my opinion, she doesn't look at all teen-like. She's probably in her twenties earning extra money for college.

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