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Live wire!

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Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2006 9:34 pm    Post subject: WebcamCuties / WebcamCuties

Greeting, Programs!

For the very first Biggus Mackus camgirl site review, I was going to regale the reader with the wonder that was AdamEveLive, with its hundreds of active cam girls of every possible shape, size, hair and skin color (even gender, when it comes to the trannies)�€�but alas, that is no longer possible. I should have known it was too good to be true! Shortly after I started my examination of said site, which looked awfully familiar but offered various excellent features, Tony the Moderator pointed out that it was an "own-brand" of Flirt4Free -- aha, that's why it was familiar! -- and within days AEL was no longer operational, with a message on the website pointing hopeful visitors to Flirt4Free. Coincidence? I think not!

With AEL having gone to that Big Server in the Sky, I decided instead to review my second choice, WebcamCuties. Talk about a contrast! WebcamCuties is a brand new site with a lot of potential, but it's got the same problem that most new adult cam sites have: it hasn't got much of a selection of cam cuties to choose from. With one exception, every time I checked out the site, there were no girls working at all. When I did catch a girl supposedly working, it turned out I was still out of luck. I was kinda hopeful when I clicked that Chat button so that I could chat up Carme, the cute girl working that room. Here's what I expected to see:

Pretty sexy in a pouty Eurogirl way, right? I thought so, and I was looking forward to talking a bit. But here's what I got:

Nada. Yep, apparently she was on break. She must be used to working for the government, because her break lasted a heckuva long time. I left and returned several times, but I was SOL everytime. This went on well over an hour. I wasn't the only one disappointed, either. Another user came on for a brief time and mentioned that this was the third time he'd come back and she'd not been there. Same for me. I suppose we could have had a nice chat together, but I didn't go there to talk to another horny guy, so I kept mum.

I don't know if Carme ever came back.

WebcamCutie has dozens of other models (66 girls and one couple at last count), but they allow them to set their own schedules -- and it happens that almost no one is online in the early afternoon, which is when I usually have time to chat. I expect that this problem will take care of itself in time, as more performers come online. Even now, though, the variety is pretty good. There are girls here of every flavor and for every taste, including some that look like refugees from '80s rock videos (not that this is bad, or anything). I've got to say, a lot of the girls have model-quality bodies, and some look hot enough to scorch you through the screen, particularly the Romania webgirl HotAlexa. The girls also seem willing to show all: even in the general picture galleries there's many a naked breast visible, and HotAlexa, for one, goes a lot further -- her pics are way too naughty to ever post through ImageShack.

The interface is easy and intuitive, which is a point in their favor. As for the mechanics of the site, they're fairly straightforward. You have to sign up for a free account before you can look at anything more than the free pictures. You also have to provide them with a working email address, because they require you to confirm your sign-up through an email that they send you. Is it worth the effort? Maybe, if you can find someone online when you log in.

But heck, it says right on the "Buy Credits" page that "girls are on every now and then," and cautions you to buy credits only when girls are online. OK, can do. Purchasing is easy enough: you can buy videochat credits in $20 increments through ccBill using your Visa, MasterCard, JCB, or Discover credit card, or you can pay via a third-party processor called Paymonde (kind of like PayPal). Here's how it breaks down. Free chat costs you nothing, as you might expect, but you have to pay $1.49 for group chat, and $2.99 per minute for private chat. Sounds pretty fair to me -- assuming, of course, that you can find a girl to spend your credits on.

I sure was hoping to get to know Carme a little; can you taste my disappointment? I'm going to adopt my friend Jambo's five-star rating system here and give WebcamCuties three stars out of five -- but only because it does have some really hot-looking camgirls, and because the site has a lot of potential to grow. My suggestion is that you check it out in the evenings or late at night, when most of the girls appear to be available.
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Live wire!

Joined: 08 Mar 2006

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 1:28 pm    Post subject: / WebcamCuties

Doesn't the old addage go: "Ain't Carme a bitch"... or is that Karma? I always get those two muddled up Wink

Anyways - cool review, Big Mack! Cool
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