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PrivateFeeds Open PrivateFeed in a new window (Tony's review)

When you visit PrivateFeeds you are likely to have a feeling of having seen this before, at least if you are a regular at porn sites.  That's because this cam site provides the back end to a lot of other sites -- not so much cam sites as pay sites which also have "live cam girls".  Apparently any webmaster can just do a deal with PrivateFeeds to show their girls online.

So what do you get if you go direct to the source?  Strangely at first what you get is not as much -- but you can get the goods pretty easily with a free signup.PrivateFeeds webcam chat

First screen is right into an intro chat -- feels a bit like AmsterdamLive reception desk in that respect -- except the layout is more like a regular chat room rather than the special desk they use over there in Amsterdam.  This chat is Java based so works on most browsers, including FireFox if you have the Java plugin set up.  That's a point these days -- as you can tell I've been trying out FireFox -- and most cam chat sites are working fine including Private Feeds but not all.  At ImLive cam there is no way you can get it to work and it's back to IE if I wanna chat over there.

I'm drifting again; back to PrivateFeeds and what I see is a prompt for a username on the right, a whole bunch of girl thumbs on the right and a big chat window right smack in the middle.  Each time you go to the site there is a different girl on duty so keep track of who is who if you want to keep in touch with one girl.   You can email the girls too, and using real email too like to write to the girl Elena you just write to elena [at]

That's much nicer than having to do it via the sites own private messaging system like at Streamate -- but is the same as cumtv where you can write to the girls

When I last looked there were 23 rooms on line -- but that's 24 girls as one of the rooms was doing a two girl show.  After chatting with Elena for a while I went to talk to Amely who is this sweet brunet wearing a red thong bikini, not bright red you understand, but an understated red -- very classy.  She's from Russia and only works Sundays, she's very nice and has a regular following of fans so take care what you say in her room -- you don't want to upset a regular and look bad!

Most of the girls seemed to be from Russia, I guess they have a Russian studio working with them. 

Chatting on PrivateFeed for free is really free, but it's really only chatting too -- the "video" more a slide show -- very clear but only about one pic a second.  Enough to get well acquainted with your hostess but when it gets down to action time you'll need to signup of course not just to pay the feeds but also to get into decent video.

A regular account is really free, but you have to give over an email address.  If you're going to be paying then you really want to go for the VIP membership which gets you more credits for your purchase and removes spending limits.  To get that you have to prove you are legit by making a telephone call to them; you get 20 free credits to compensate you for making the call which is toll free if you are in the US or Canada; overseas views gotta pay for their own call.

If you'd rather not use a credit card to purchase credit you can send checks or money orders too, they'll even accept wire transfers if you are Big Spender.

  • Private shows are 5 credits per minute or 7.5 credits for two girls shows.
  • Semi private -- group chat -- are 2 credits or 3 per minute for two girls.

Paying $50 gets you 42 credits.   Or $100 gets you 83 credits.  Duh, that's more expensive? !  Let me do the arithmetic on the credit bundles they offer:

$ Credits Credits/$
24.99 21 0.840336
49.99 42 0.840168
74.99 63 0.840112
99.99 83 0.830083

Man, whatever happened to get bulk discounts?  This is actually a worse deal if you buy more.  Well I guess it'll motivate me to buy a little at a time which is probably safer anyway though I doubt that's their intention!  So private chat is over $6 a minute.  That's really on the high end -- so though some of the girls are really very nice and the video is sharp -- it's hard to say they are that much better than the $1.99 girls on ifriends, or im'lives happy hour or new girls at around a dollar -- let alone some of the discounted ladies at CamContacts who are under a dollar.

So though I'm very happy with the free chat and the nice personalities I've met at PrivateFeeds I'd think twice before doing private shows.  If you can get a group or "semi private" show where it just happens that you are the only one in the room, then that'd be reasonable though.  Depends how much you value your privacy I guess!




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