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imLive (Tony's review)

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Feb 2008: Be a director in Happy Hour chat

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If you check out imlive you'll find a very large selection of hosts, this is really one of the largest sites out there.




Browse a range of subjects, not just adult chat

Of course it's the adult areas that have the most going on and which I'm interested in, and there is plenty in there believe me.  Under a category called "Sexual Stress-Relief Hosts"  -- which is pretty direct -- they have subcategories a bit like camcontacts.  There are "Girl Alone" (shy or not) and "Girl and Guy (Couples)" through to the really special areas like Fetish.

Girls alone can have hundreds in that category so there are search filters to let you find just the girl you want -- teens only or Asians or blonds for example.  Not as many as ifriends but still plenty.

One big feature is their "top hosts" where they have "Hall Of Fame & Award Winners".  And even a special category for the five star winners.

That's right they spend a lot of time ranking girls -- though you get to do that after every show.  Of course this really motivates the girls to put and and please me because they know if they do I'll give them a vote and that helps get them on the top hosts list.

It's worth checking out the hall of fame for the really top girls.




Imlive Profile page

When it comes time to get serious you gotta buy some credits.  Billing is via ccbill like lots of companies so your credit card bill will say "Ccbill" on it.

Basically you wanna buy credit it blocks of $10.  Don't buy too much coz credits expire and their aint no discount anyway for buying more.

Then you are ready to play -- feel free to drop straight into video chat.  The first 20 seconds are free which is great coz you can check the girl out and make sure she's decent looking before getting down to serious stuff without spending anything.

They do a "Happy hour" thing where top girls are rotated through what is basically a discount area.  At any one time between 2 and 8 girls are working happy hour and chats are cheap at only 1.48/min but are not private; up to 3 viewers can chat with the girl at the same time. 

I noticed in Feb 2008 that you can be a director in Happy Hour chat giving instructions to the girl on 1-1 basis.  All other viewers in the room has to watch and be, basically ignored by the girl.  Your director status won't last long.  It's about 90 seconds and it will be someone else turn.  Unless no one queue up to be the director, in which case you can continue.

Customer service is pretty good, you can call toll free to their customer support (from just about anywhere, not just the US).

Even without credit you can see some of the galleries of each girl, but once you have got some $ in your account -- even 10 bucks -- you can then see ALL the galleries. 

The video uses an ActiveX control, so first time you do video you are going to have to approve an ActiveX from "Sobonito Investments" -- that's the name of the company who owns imlive.

This gives you video -- two ways if you want it -- plus audio.

Only technical problems I've found are that some of the pages fail to load and you have to hit refresh to make it come up.  That's just while browsing, the video at imlive works fine all the time I've tried.

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