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larry the cam guy
Only just live

Joined: 05 Jul 2006

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 8:05 pm    Post subject: CamsUncovered / CamsUncovered

Exclamation CAMSUNCOVERED Exclamation

CamsUncovered is definitely a fitting title for this cam-site -- the girls are barely clothed, and it's never long before they get completely UNCOVERED (naked).

In fact, the moment you open their main page, the nudity is overwhelming (awesome, but overwhelming). I was like
"woah -- titty titty bang bang!"
What an index screen! I didn't know whether to dowse my shorts or develop a migraine headache... It's full of T&A, but also just "full." Too busy, where to look first?

Along with many many many hot pics of girls online, the site has words trying to entice me into a chat with each lady -- "wanna try how wet I am" and "Queen of deepthroat" are just some of the come-ons.... Wow.

From the get-go, CamsUncovered is crystal clear that this is an X-rated hardcore sex-cam site. Unlike RoyalCams, which has shy girls and 'just friends' kind of babes, CamsUncovered girls are all about the sex. They're horny and waiting for YOU! I love it.

So, of course, I dive in head first. You don't even need a credit card to give the site a test-run. Just enter your email address and they send you a confirmation message, then you're away! To start, I try a free chat with "SexyPrincesa." Nice looking and the video loads quickly and it looks smooth.

But, my mind is wandering soon after arriving (the main page is so busy, I can't stop thinking about all the other girls I'm missing while I chat with SexyPrincessa). So, like a guy with eyes bigger than his belly, I head back to the main screen -- the grass is always greener, you know. Or should that be "the ass is always better"?!?! Ha ha ha.

Anyways, back to the main screen, and woah t&a again. You hardly need to enter a chat... you can just ogle the amazing beauties pictured on the main screen! Oh well, back to business, let's try the very sexy looking "Orient_Goddess"(the one who claims she's "too hot and too wet!" Surely no girl can be too hot or too wet? At least not for me!!!)

So, Orient_Goddess is sexy, too. But, I hate those bedrooms that look like a crappy brothel, with 1980's wallpaper. oh well. She's there, on her cell phone. No smiles. Quite cute though. And the video is smooth...

But, I'm only looking for the best so I head back to the beginning as the busy main page shows there are plenty of hot chicks online waiting for my dime. Next I click "NinaRose" who has a storming bio photo. Just incredible, but unfortunately her bed is bare when I enter the room. Man... these guys need to invest in some of those DirectSex signs, "On A Break, Back in 5" that I always see the girls using over at D.S.

Actually, by the end of the night, while entering many different rooms, I entered nearly ten rooms and found them filming an empty space. Makes me feel that CamsUncovered's huge list of girls who are online are actually not really there -- they're all outside chain-smoking and sipping coffee! Where's the action!? I will find a horny girl online even if it takes all night!

Back to the index, "SensualLips" sounds awesome - says she'll "polish my organ" The photo is ambiguous. One of those shots of a close-up of boobs but you can't figure out what you're really looking at. That should have set off alarm bells in my head because, oh my God, she's a hog!!!!!

This is the ugliest cam girl I've ever seen! Now I don't usually prefer big girls anyway. Some large ladies are alright but this one's big AND ugly. She should change her screen name to Godzilla! Man, I bet she doesn't polish organs, she probably just devours them. She's sat there yawning, too! Not attractive.

I head offline for a few minutes to regain my breath. I can't even finish the toasted cheese sandwich I made. Okay, c'est la vie, back to the babes. Come on CamsUncovered we know you have better models than Godzilla... back to the index....

Finally! I found a real scorcher -- Ailana (pictured above). Blonde, buxom and very sexy. This is what it's all about!

And these girls at CamsUncovered are all professing that they will show you everything (no nonsense, these girls are the real deal!). Ailana is ready and willing, and I loved her....

Actually, there is an insane amount of talent online. I wonder how they do it... It's like a freakin phonebook full of women. So, overall, I am happy to weed through the rough, not-so-pretty chicks and find a few roses in the sh*t. In fact, I found more winners than losers -- My faves included Intense_Belle (some of the best natural breasts in the world! Perky and just right!) and IsIsLove was a dirty girl (Twisted Evil ). FairySex really blew my mind (see below for a pic of her!).

You can take a girl into a live (private) show anytime, although other people can join in and watch (not all that private, so if you're into kinky stuff then your secrets may not be safe here as any Tom, Dick or Harry might watch). The site also offers a "sneak peak." So, it's not a 100% private show...

Prices start at $0.99-$1.99 a minute, so quite affordable on the whole... Considering the price, and the quality of many of the top girls, and the sheer number who are online; I would recommend CamsUncovered. I spent a few hours there and I still didn't see everything I wanted to. I'll be going back tonight for another look... and to see FairySex again! Woah.

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Live wire!

Joined: 08 Mar 2006

Posted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 3:56 pm    Post subject: / CamsUncovered

That girl 'FairySex' - ouch. She's a bit much. WOW. She could do my heart she's so freakin' hot!!! I really like her too.

CamsUncovered isn't a bad site, actually. Lots of new girls who I haven't seen before (where do cam girls come from?? some I see working a few sites, but there is also a lot of unknown talent out there!)

How about Miulee? Is she fantastic, or what??

But, my money's on Dahlia. mmmm

What do you guys think? Seen any other hot chicas? Too many to choose from...
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