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Only just live

Joined: 26 Oct 2006

Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2006 1:26 pm    Post subject: CaseysCam / CaseysCam

Caseys Cam is not actually a live cam site. It has more in common with solo-girl sites where members can download videos and pictures of the featured girl, and to get surfers' attention they'd even add pics and movies from the babe's girlfriends. Not only that, Caseys Cam charges $29.95 as a flat fee for a month of access to her videos, picture sets and journal.

Yes, for livecam enthusiasts, it sounds like a rip-off for one lousy girl, especially when five bucks can give you a real skank with a dildo up her pussy. But remember that this is a one-month full access to dozens of videos and picture sets. Compare that to what you spend chatting with one model in a live cam site and thirty bucks a month sounds like a bargain.

Casey doesn't do much live-caming. Instead, she pre-records episodes on her webcam and uploads them to her site. Members get to download these videos on their PC. If members want to interact with the featured girl, they'd have to email her or wait for one of her special livecam sessions (I happen to join her most recent ones and it's not as exciting as I had hoped).

Many of Casey's videos are too high-resolution to be taken from a PC camera. I suspect she has professional help. If I had to guess, her boyfriend participates in the production. Because I am not Casey's boyfriend, I'd take every opportunity to convince to take all her clothes off. (There have been recent rumors that Casey has posed nude for the first time, but these rumors are quickly dispelled after you become a member.)

Now, since we've established that there's no nudity, much less dildo masturbation on CaseysCam, can we say that it still deserves checking out? If you ask me, that's all up to how you react to Casey's picture below this review. According to her bio she's of a Japanese descent. She just got past her 19th birthday and now she's in college majoring in Biology. She likes movies, music and training her dogs.

You're liking it now? Want more? Okay, her favorite underwear is boy shorts, She's got a nose ring and a tattoo on the small of her back, viewing her videos I didn't find anything fake about her. She's actually not that very good at acting sexy. Without a doubt she's cute and she's got a super hot body, but sexy like most live cam babes she isn't.

I have seen a lot of girls just as cute, as voluptuous and as adventurous as Casey but I've met very few with all qualities crammed together in perhaps one of the cutest non-nude teens on the Net. Yes, that's right, Casey of doesn't do any fucking, and orals, any dildo action, heck she doesn't even flash her breasts or moon at her fans in the security of her own room.

I said this girl is adventurous because for all intents and purpose Casey looks and acts like many of the teenagers I've dated. They don't suck dick on the first, second... a hundredth date and they definitely do little actual stripping. She likes teasing men, obviously but perhaps imagining her wanking on her naked breasts and shaven pussy is just too weird for this college hottie.

Now about what you will find inside the members' area of Casey's videos are at least a half hour long each. As mentioned above, most of them are taken from a digital camera not a PC camera, so expect a better quality of video than what you will find in livecam sites.

There are over twenty half-hour videos available for download. You'll only need AM Player and pretty good Internet connection because the videos could get as heavy as 20MB and above.

Casey has dozens of picture sets here. They all appear to be video stills and none are big enough for your desktop wallpaper. But Casey's a cute girl and cute girls with their own sites have to have lots of photographs posted. I also kind of like the idea of saving a favorite angle of this cute twenty-year-old.

Caseys Cam also provides bonus girls. They have their own sites to promote and they make full use of CaseysCam's bonus section. This is also a great opportunity for members to compare the featured cutie--Casey--with other cuties.

Now about some problems I see with signing up to Casey's site. For one thing, live-caming with Casey is really such a rare thing. She goes on about once a week. Chatting with her is also quite a hassle. I'm used to private chats in real live cam sites. Even when I don't have money, group chats are not that bad either. With Casey you feel like you're shouting in a crowded room.

Casey's a very popular girl after all. Her site is also successful enough to keep Casey busy--too busy for one anonymous member. I also take exception on some of the stats, the site has on Casey. It says there on her bio page that she's only five-feet tall. Now, I've watched videos and images of Casey and she looks several inches taller than five feet nothing. I know many guys out there like cute petite girls. Casey is cute but she's definitely not that petite.

I've also heard that Caseys Cam is not as popular as it used to be. That's probably why rumors of her showing her naked body has been circulating all over then Net. Well, I think it'll definitely improve the site's popularity if Casey posted nude pictures of her. I've been downloading her videos for only a week and all they ever do is make me frisky.

It's time for some nudity Casey. I really hope she can read this review right now. I'd love to see those titties and I'd love to have a peek at her babe triangle. Is this too much to ask. I mean, I'll pay like ten dollars extra if can download one thirty-minute soft core clip of Casey. But, Casey, I won't blame you if you chose to remain cute.

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Live wire!

Joined: 27 Jan 2006

Location: T for Texas

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2006 11:55 pm    Post subject: / CaseysCam

You know, until recently I always thought that Casey did undress for the cam, but I'd never paid to find out. I'm disappointed to find that she doesn't, but I do have to say that she's really very cute -- it's nice to see an Asian-American online. If you don't mind non-nudity, I'd have to say that she's a welcome change from all the girls willing to stuff themselves with dildos at the drop of a hat (not that there's anything wrong with that. of course...) 
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Live wire!

Joined: 08 Mar 2006

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 5:40 pm    Post subject: / CaseysCam

I have to say that I'm always partial to some 'extreme nude tease' as offered by many virginal teen types. I especially appreciate the nude tease when it's from a girl of Casey's caliber -- as I'd taken anything she's got on the table! If she strips, Amen. But if she just flashes a bit, or dresses skimpily, then bring that on.... Quality. 
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