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I think everybody has heard of iFriends , they were in there are the very beginning of webcam sites. And they know it too -- no freebies here! They have the biggest selection of girls (and guys and weirdos too) that you've ever going to see. So they just like say "sign up "if you wanna see anything!


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It's a standard "give me your credit card to verify your age "deal -- meaningless of course but them's the rules. It isn't even entirely free - they do a $1 charge (refundable!) on your card to make sure it really works.

Once you are in though -- wow were to start. Firstly there are as many as two thousand webcam sessions going at the same time. I mean live ones, not just registered hosts or replays and stuff. Actually thousands of people showing on cam at any one time.

So once you have got over the shock of that (like -- where to start!) -- you'll find that they are also have some really pushing technology, stuff you never see at those cookie cutter little firecracker sites.

Some things have been around a while like fan clubs and stuff; but how about real Video Streaming (not the 'fast slide show' that most sites have) but real actual Windows Media streaming.

Then try out ifriends Multi-Camera-Angle shows (Live videochats where chathost offers as many as four different webcams, all viewable at once) - Wow, I've only got one set of eyes, but it's great to be able to choose the view without having to interrupt the host (who is busy when she is with me!) to have to adjust the view.

The latest thing, not  yet taking off but I bet it will get there soon, is 3D chat! Yeah really, of course you'll need the real 3D glasses and shit. This is not the red/blue things from the 60', we're talking real virtual reality 3D LCD Shutter glasses here.

Ifriends rocks. Only thing to watch out for is that the girl of you're dreams might be there -- but if you're paying a couple bucks a minute to talk to her you're going to end up broke! 

If you've already tried ifriends but want to try something similar but different, then you may also try CamContacts .



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