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Cool video when you get to, but it's a fake -- that isn't live at all it's a recording.  That's the bad news, the good news is that the real streaming video inside is just as good.  Yes, this is one of the real streaming sites with good quality live video.

Wish they could do without the stupid name though, it's a pain to type all the time, but I guess that's what bookmarks are for right guys!

Anyway you gotta give an email address then  you are in -- so yeah they are going to send you spam but it's not that bad, just promotions on what is going on at the site.

So you're in and it looks like this:

Typical cam girl gallery -- 69 cams at the moment online but only 50 are girls, the others are couple or guys or "special shows".  That could be anything, there was one transgender, one leather-and-lace girl and another with the largest toys you've ever seen!

They were all in hardcore shows though -- no free previews.

Back to the regular girls and a few of them are in free chat, just click the link and video opens in a new window -- popups again. 

Never mind that -- the video is the thing and the video is real streaming, TV quality.  Heck could be better than TV at times.

Good audio too though the girls don't seem to talk much, mistake really -- when you can hear them fine it would be nice to just have them talk to me sometimes.

So chat with this one girl -- playgirl is her nick -- she's blond, got a sweet farm-girl sort of face and huge tits.  So in the room with us, there are like about 6 other guys, there is one calling himself "PlaygirlsLover" who obviously is her big fan.  They are chatting like all the time.

So they're chatting and I'm checking out the video -- hey there are three -- no five -- different streams.  Two are like Java and the others three are various sizes of windows media player -- that's the default and gets you great sound and video quality.  You can really see what is going on and hear her talking.  She's in a studio I guess coz you can hear other girls talking in the background too.

Then she starts sucking on this huge dildo, jeeze, don't she have no shame?  now she's rubbing it on her ass...

This is the medium sized stream -- there's a bigger one but the pictures a bit squashed -- makes the girls look short and fat!  The other streams are fine though.

Ok so you wanna see her stick herself?  You gotta pay for private man.  The prices are "1 minute is 500 coins" -- luckily their coins are pretty cheap. 

$49.90 gets you 10 minutes of hardcore with five thousand coins.  Or you can pay $99.90 and get 25 minutes of hardcore which is 12,500 coins.  So that's almost four bucks per minute, pretty high price compared to some sites but then not many sites have this quality so I guess you get what you pay for -- in video quality at least.

Question is do you like the girls at  And I gotta say yes, I found several nice friendly rooms with chatters and plenty of flirting going on.

1 out of 5 stars

Let me know what you think,

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