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Dxlive (Tony's review)

Something a bit different here at Dxlive, you'll find a real multinational crew .. and I don't just mean the normal Romanian and check girls. Although there are girls from all over what you'll notice the large number of Japanese and Korean girls.

That's pretty rare -- Japan and Korea are rich countries, most of their girls are out shopping in the malls not hanging out on cam to earn a few bucks.

Down site of that of course it that a lot of them only speak Japanese or Korean; there are little flags under their pics to show which languages they speak.

So if cute Japanese girls dressed up in "school girl uniforms" -- which in Japan they wear in high-school -- then this is the site for you.

There are plenty of gallery pics to browse through -- and a lot of them are real digicam pics, not webcam stuff so big fill-the-screen sized shots.  For some reason all the Japanese girls get too close to the camera though; lots of foreshortened noses -- not that they have long noses anyway in japan right!?

Click on a girls pic and it either takes you into the "preview chat", which is free non-nude just like teaser chat in places like spread4u and cumtv, or it may say shes already in a show and you can't see nothing until you login.

But about half the girls are in preview chat.  The video size is good, not quite as large as cumtv but better then spread4u and generally faster than either of them.  For paid chat the video is even better.

If you pick a Japanese girls it's probably really in her bedroom, they don't seem to have any studios in Japan.  I guess that makes sense where everybody in japan has their own PC and broadband anyway, why do they want to go to a studio?

Anyway the preview chat is really only view -- you get to see the video but no talking, or even reading what others are saying, until you login.

To login click the signup button and get the first 10 minutes for 55 cents!  That's a special offer unfortunately, regular price is higher but hey who's to refuse a good deal?

The site is really very obviously designed by a japanese guy, it is very methodical and highly precise.  There are screen shots and guides to show you how to signup if you can't work it out for yourself!

Although they seem to be an Asian company they have telephone numbers for customer in support listed in Los Angeles, CA so it isn't to far to go if you need to speak to someone.

And for some strange reason the girls in Japan put their webcams in the weirdest places; not just too close to their faces, or too high so you're looking down on them -- but also in the kitchen watching the sink while they do washing dishes.  I am not kidding.  This pic proves it!

Pic of yayoi431 from DXLive doing the dishes on webcam

Funny thing is, she's real cute too -- the gallery pics of her are wearing a bud beer girl dress and lying on a bed, very seductive!  She even looks good in the kitchen preparing dinner (I can see now that's what she's doing -- chopping onions at the moment) -- would be nicer if she was wearing less but hey I guess maybe its cold there in the kitchen.

So you wanna try some Japanese girls, check out DXLive.



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