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Only just live

Joined: 03 Oct 2006

Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2006 9:07 pm    Post subject: GoLiveXXX / GoLiveXXX

Greetings from the board room. No, I�€™m not here to fire anyone. Actually, I�€™m rather bored. George isn�€™t much fun to talk to, and with Carolyn leaving, there�€™s no one to ogle, either. So, as usual, I�€™m left to surfing the internet and checking out webcam shows while I wait for this season�€™s group of business guru-wannabes to screw up. Today, I�€™m visiting GoLiveXXX, a webcam site with lots of girls.

The first thing that comes up when you hit GoLiveXXX is an ad, a small (hideously orange) navigation box, and pictures of the girls. I wouldn�€™t hire the webmaster to do any color schemes for my hotels�€”the site�€™s pretty plain and not very interesting. Of course, we�€™re here to see the women, not the background, so it doesn�€™t really matter that much. The navigation itself works just fine and is easy to follow, which is all that it needs to do.

The young ladies, while not as lovely as my Melania, are certainly nice enough to look at. Naturally, none of them go by their real names, so expect to address the girls by things like Hotbabexxx, HungryFire, and, my personal favorite, BOOBSPILLOWS. There�€™s also a HardCouple, a man and a woman who like it when others tell them what to do, and you all know I�€™m into giving people orders. I am a little confused about them, though. They�€™re the only couple on the site. I mean, she�€™s hot, but half the time, the cam is on him! Perhaps they�€™re trying to diversify their clientele and bring in the voyeur crowd?

The girls are divided into two categories: Free Video Chat and Live Private Chat. The Free Video Chat, of course, is nothing more than the girl hanging out on camera brushing her hair or the like. One girl was eating a chocolate bar when I checked in on her and another was smoking. As for HardCouple, well, they were just relaxing on their bed while chatting with some other webcam fans. Some of the girls weren�€™t available�€”they were either already in private chats or were offline. The site has a nice variety of women, too�€”blondes, brunettes, redheads, just about everything.

I don�€™t like to share my women, so I�€™m more into the Live Private Chat section. In fact, that�€™s where my favorite, BOOBSPILLOWS, is, and with a name in all caps, you know she�€™s something special. She�€™s hired! Clicking on her picture (a shot of her well-toned ass that would make Ivana jealous), I end up at the sign-in page.

I�€™m not sure if I really want to give out my email, so I click back and click on her name. This pulls up a page with a few more pictures of the lovely pillows (one of which is not so flattering!). You can also check out her profile. It�€™s got her measurements, her age, her orientation (all the models seem to be bisexual here), and her rate. BOOBSPILLOWS is $1.99 a minute. That�€™s not going to turn her into a millionaire anytime soon, but then again, not everyone can be me. Some of the girls can charge upwards of $3.99 a minute, although some offer discount rates on their profiles.

OK, so I think I want to see more of this girl, maybe even invite her to the Miss Universe pageant. The registration form says it�€™s all 100% free and there�€™s no credit card needed, but I know better. It�€™s a business, and we�€™re all out to make money. Still, the little Donald is twitching, so I sign up using one of my various emails that Melania doesn�€™t know about (I�€™ve already gone through two high-profile divorces, I�€™d rather not deal with another, plus there�€™s the fact that my webcam addiction might have played a tiny, tiny role in my near-bankruptcy, and no one need know that I�€™ve fallen off the wagon again).

After entering my user ID, password, and email, I have to wait to get a confirmation message. The message shows up pretty quickly, coming from an email address at Now that�€™s how you run a discrete webcam site! All I have to do is click the registration link, and I�€™m ready to see the models.

Once I log in, I can see more of BOOBSPILLOWS�€™ pictures, including ones of her topless. She�€™s a little kinky and reminds me a bit of my second wife. It looks like she�€™s flexible, too. Show me more! And George, stop trying to sneak peaks at the screen. What exactly do I pay you to do, anyway?

I don�€™t care about sending email to her or adding her to my favorites, although that�€™s a nice feature if I end up visiting often. I just want to see her live. Of course, you can�€™t get into a live private chat without paying. You have to buy GoLiveXXX credits, which are available in $30, $75, $150, or $300 increments. The more you buy, the better rate you get per credit, so if you plan on chatting with a lot of the girls, it only makes good financial sense to buy in bulk. You can pay through several different pay sites, and the site accepts international payments. By paying, you can direct the models to do whatever you want in live chat and talk to other members, although I don�€™t know why I�€™d want to talk to them when I can talk to the girls.

Well, I don�€™t feel like buying any credits today, but that doesn�€™t mean the GoLiveXXX experience is over. Now that I�€™ve signed up, several new options are available. Back on the main page, I have the option of viewing the profiles of the 428 webcam girls who are offline. Members can check out the girls�€™ member�€™s only pictures, which is a nice bonus, or email them.

So that�€™s about it for The girls are hot, and you can see just what other visitors thought of them by their star rating (my girl, BOOBSPILLOWS, has four stars). The pricing is pretty standard for webcam sites, too, meaning you�€™ll shell out some cash to see the buxom beauties in action. Anyway, I�€™m off to fire some idiot now, then go home to Melania and little Barron. Maybe I�€™ll even check in on my apprentice�€�.
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