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Only just live

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Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2006 5:47 pm    Post subject: Asian Cam Models / Asian Cam Models


Darling Female: : Darling
Darling Male:: Yes Darling, its not working, is it? .
Darling Female:: Yes I can see that...perhaps if I was just to give it a ittle pull
Darling Male:: Yes. oh yes that�€™s much better... yes that�€™s got it...
Darling Female:: .. Do you think you will be able to do it now....
Darling Male:: I hope so...Good that�€™s got it ohhhh, yes that�€™s it's ....just a little over
Darling Female:: No No that�€™s not it, it�€™s going in the wrong place.....ohhhhhh
yes.....ohhhh wait...
Darling Male:: It�€™s almost in now....I can�€™t stop now.
Darling Female:: I know I can see that. you�€™ll have to come out! ..
Darling Male:: Why did you stop me?
Darling Female:: I don�€™t like it there....
Darling Male:: .. Oh right let�€™s try again then shall take of hold it and push slowly....
Darling Female:: OHHHH Yes That�€™s much better, it�€™s going in now I can feel that. Can you?....
Darling Male:: Yes....Oh that�€™s so good when we get it right. after all that effort...
Darling Female:: ... No it�€™s no good it�€™s still not right....
Darling Male:: Why what�€™s wrong now?
Darling Female:: It�€™s in the wrong place..
Darling Male:: Well I have had enough you can move your damn own closet next time....I�€™m going to see some TV....

Darling Male:: Well, what have you got to show me, anything good CNN
Male: We�€™ll not exactly CNN, more CAM.
Darling Male:: CAM eh, sounds like a good programme
Male: It is .... especially the Asian section,
Darling Male:: Asia eh,?.... I like China Town,,, Great Movie Faye Dunaway Jack Nicholson, they make good food too, especially those little shrimpy things...
Male: This is a CAM site. from South East Asia .
Darling Male:: I know you told Cambodia...
Male: AS in Web CAM....
Darling Male:: Web with feet... I get you...
Male: No Cameras with women...lots of them.
Darling Male:: Women?
Male: Yes...beautiful young Asian women...sometimes naked
Darling Male:: Won�€™t they catch cold?.
Male: No they are in the Philippines. In nice warm rooms, with their cameras on,chatting to you...
Darling Male:: Chatting about what?
Male: You mainly....then they ask you to go private
Darling Male:: Private where?
Male: With them into their room.
Darling Male:: How can I do that when I am still here I am not Mr Spock
Male: (To himself) No but you do come from another planet
Darling Male:: So what happens in this private room then?
Male: The girls get you excited..
Darling Male:: What do they do?
Male: They strip off their clothes and put on a show for you
Darling Male:: Like Cabaret?
Male: Not exactly...more Gypsy Rose a Lee... a strip show and they play with their bodies to make your pecker hard
Darling Male:: And this goes on. in this little room .
Male: Twenty four hours a day and only for a few bucks.$1.00 dollar a minute in some rooms, you can deposit money into your account either $25 $50 or $100 dollars and there are over 100 girls to chose from to go and chat to or to go into a Private room with..
Darling Male:: Won�€™t that be a little crowded in there I know they�€™re small......
Male: Not altogether at the same time, but you can go with a couple if you want; there is even a section for pregnant girls, gays and transvestites, you know what a transvestite is?
Darling Male:: It�€™s a sort of truck isn�€™t it..
Male: Something like that...yes....are you ready shall we log in and see what ladies are on line...
Darling Male:: ... Tell me a bit more about this sort of thing
Male: There are thousand of these sites on the web, with girls from all over the world appearing in them, the one that I have been looking at is AsianCamModels, it is a very neat site that offers little windows of the girls, like thumbnail pictures, which you put your mouse on.. you know what a mouse is?
Darling Male:: Of course I used to have one called Mickey
Male: the thing is you have to sign in to see the girls properly, you can chat for free but you need to register, that means you have to give your name and password, then you are able to click on the girls to chat to them, some have their audio switches on, so you can only hear them,. so you can�€™t talk to them, you have to type on the keyboard to them your messages....then they type back to you. They are friendly girls and some are very young, not much older than 18..the legal limit for web cam sites like this.
Darling Male:: Then what happens?.
Male: You pick a girl you want to chat to, most of the girls are small, but some have big tits and some have very nice asses, some wear bikinis or are topless, some pictures show faces, others don�€™t if you want to see what the girls look like before you chat to them you can click on their picture and their details. Some have names like wet puss and BJ for blowjob....
Darling Male: Not LBJ then, long blow job...Ha
No not that...these honeys are very hot and very exotic, very sexy too. They pose very provocatively to get you in the mood, to go in the private room with them.
Darling Male:: Hmm sounds too racy for me...but I suppose it�€™s good to keep in touch with people from all over the world.
Male:: Touch, would seem the right thing to do...
Darling Male:: Well there seems only thing left to do....
Male: And what�€™s that.?
Darling Male: Sign on...
Male: Shall I get your laptop for you or would you prefer to use your PC.
Darling Male: : No I think I will just use the computer..
Male:.. As you wish..
Darling Male:.. Now I know I had it around here somewhere
Male: The Apple
Darling Male: Not now maybe later
Male: No the apple computer it�€™s on your desk
Darling Male: There it is... trouble is they all look the same to me.
Male:.. Yes they do... especially the coloured ones.
Darling Male: OK switch on...
Male: Shall I do it for you...
Darling Male: Thank you....
Male: Here we are
Darling Male: Oh my...there are a lot of them
Male:. Yes there just register
Darling Male:... Here we go...
Male:.... I don�€™t think you should use your real name...Mr Bush....
Darling Male: Ok... yes your right... I know
Male: Mr President yes that�€™s fine no one would believe you...
Darling Male:: How long did you say you have been working at the Whitehouse Mr Bernstein?
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