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Only just live

Joined: 01 Oct 2006

Location: BFE

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2006 9:47 am    Post subject: Wild Orchidz / Wild Orchidz

Well y�€™all�€�I�€™m sitting here with my Starbucks and my ciggies, waiting to see which one bids highest on my boy Sean�€™s pictures. He�€™s about as southern as a cold mint julep on a hot August afternoon in Kentwood�€�and cute as a button, too. He�€™s sleeping now, so I thought Kev and I would run through some webcam shows to pass the time. Plus I feel like such a heifer after my last pregnancy�€�so maybe it�€™s a good idea to see what�€™s out there that would make Kev (and the fans) hot for me again!

After a bit of searching, we went to a site called WildOrchidz. Whoa�€�the opening webpage is in a shade of red that reminds me of the leather jumpsuit number that I wore in one of my videos. Oops�€�I did it again. Damn breast milk is leaking all over my chest. Tarnation.

Anyhow, Kev and I tried signing up for Preview Video Chat�€�we picked a girl named Wendy. (My hubby likes blondes�€�hmmmm�€�maybe it�€™s time to rethink the black hair I�€™ve got on now�€�so much for my goth phase.) Because we hadn�€™t paid anything yet, all we could see on her video screen was�€�cleavage. (Come on, I�€™ve got plenty of that, sister.) But hey, before I start spending my hard earned millions (no offense, Kev), I want to see what the site has to offer.

We clicked on Wendy�€™s bio and a new page opened, we saw her stats (Note to self, remind me to get my fat ass back to the gym.), which describe everything you�€™d like to know about her: measurements, sexual orientation, etc. Oh my God�€�she�€™s into feet??? Kev may have some fun with that little nugget. Then maybe he will stop bugging mine�€�at least for a couple of hours or so.

Kev has been clawing at my arm for the past few minutes now as I am writing this. He wants a piece of Wendy. (She�€™s got 4 and a half stars, honey! At least that is how she is rated by her viewers.) When I go back to the Preview window, I get a message that the Model has Disconnected. Drat. I click on the Ok button and it takes us back to their index of models. There�€™s over 300 of them listed. I was reconsidering my decision to sign up and then I hit page 2. Can I gag now? There are like not one, not two, not three�€�but four guys on the list�€�and they look like the gaffers who worked on my first movie, Crossroads. Lord, help me�€�I don�€™t want to sound mean�€�but they just aren�€™t�€�pretty. What could viewers possibly enjoy about that??? Now if Justin was going to do a show for me�€�mmmmmm�€�but don�€™t tell Kev I said that.

Back to Wendy. After some more arm-twisting, I finally give in. I�€™m still reading her Bio page, so we click on View Live Webcam. Boom�€�we see her face. But she isn�€™t doing anything...that�€™s because we haven�€™t paid yet, silly! We go to the Sign Up page, and it�€™s easy enough. You create a user name, a password, and you give out your e-mail address. In the next page, you give your contact details. If you want to play, you�€™ve got to have plastic or else you don�€™t get any booty. (I don�€™t know why the heck Kev doesn�€™t just go for the free thing�€�would personally rather go out and get more Starbucks�€�if only I knew how to get past those flaming paparazzi. Maybe I should ask Lindsay how she does it.)

One minute with the girls on WildOrchidz can cost you anywhere between $ 1.99 to $ 3.99, and new members can load credits between $ 25 to $150 (up to $ 250 if you are using You can get free membership for life, but don�€™t expect the girl (or uhhh, guy) of your choice to pay too much attention to you�€�because you get what you pay (or in this case, don�€™t) pay for.
You can choose from three kinds of shows available on WildOrchidz: the Free Chats, where you can view your model is covered up, but have to put up with the occasional disconnection. There�€™s Premium Chats, where you can watch the honey of your choice her per minute viewing rate. What Kev wants is the Premium Chats with Cam2Cam. That way Wendy can see us the way we see her. Duh. Bad idea, honey�€�the press would have a field day with that one. Aren�€™t you sick of watching our videos being launched on the Internet?

Whether you�€™re a free or paying member, everyone gets access to the model�€™s galleries: HQ and Cam Galleries, and they are easy to access. God�€™s sake, Kev�€�stop rubbing against my thigh.

A word to the wise, though. If ya�€™ll think you are getting a not-so-great show, you can cancel viewing and move on to the next girl. There are over 300 of them to talk to (and three guys�€�again, explain this bit to me, please???). When you get the message that This model is currently performing live, you will have to wait till she is done before you can get your hands on�€�well�€�you know where.

As a member, you can e-mail your favorite honey, too. Some models are pretty quick on the replies, and some aren�€™t.

I have to say though that the girls are pretty hot�€�compared to me when I revived the whole naughty school girl routine with my first video. Hit me again, please. Some of the names that appeal to Kev�€™s ummmm�€�impeccable tastes are: Wendy, Cindy, Bekki, Jenifer, Sabrina, and Nicolle. The stars on the index page should give you an idea of how well they perform (nothing will beat that public kiss I shared with the Blonde Ambition diva on stage with the other girl I met as a Mouseketeer�€�I forget her name�€�was it Christy or something?).

Anyhow, Kev and I have to go. Some new bids have come up for our baby�€™s pics. Maybe after that I will let Kev sign up for WildOrchidz, which seems promising�€�if only to pick up some more raunchy dance moves.
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