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Live wire!

Joined: 08 Mar 2006

Posted: Fri May 19, 2006 4:45 pm    Post subject: Live Sexy Dolls / Live Sexy Dolls

LiveSexyDolls -

My kid-sister used to have a cute little doll collection, but it was nothing like this -- blondes, brunettes, red-heads; dressed in skimpy lingerie, lounging around on beds and sofas, trying to enchant guys into private sessions... In fact, the only "toys" at are the sex toys and dildos that the girls will happily show you on request - a taster of the kind of action available in 'pvt' time, if you pay their premium rates.

Of course, as with many live-cam sites, many of these babes are dead-ringers for Barbie and Sindy dolls. However, these Russian beauties aren't full of plastic like the aforementioned kids' dollies - many of them are all natural, with slim bodies and nice pert breasts. And, through the power of the Internet, we are beamed into their bedrooms with the potential for enjoying their nakedness and erotic moans - as LiveSexy Dolls offer 'TV quality' video and 'The Audio is Always On.' Both of which is true. The video isn't bad. Occasionally grainy, but with a high speed DSL connection, you should be able to enjoy some really nice video feeds. And the audio is very good - although don't expect to hear many moans of ecstasy in the free chat area. More often you simply get to listen to the girls hammering their keyboard keys as they reply to text chats, as well as some background music from their favorite hip-hop tunes on the stereo.

But, every now and then, reality seeps in. You hear knocks on the door occasionally (possibly from their Pimp?) and - being the former Soviet Republic - there is a genuine feeling that these cam shows are actually being broadcast from some rundown building, with curtains and blankets draped as a backdrop, to hide the holes in the cracking, flimsy walls... Apart from this creeping feeling of desperation, the girls are mostly in good spirits and keen to chat via text chat. But, don't expect to get any freebies...

As their 'code of conduct' clearly states: "Do not ask us to flash or show nudity in the FREE chat. If you want to see our naked bodies, we'll gladly show you, but only in the VIP Chat room. If you continuously ask for or beg for freebies you will be banned... While we offer you a free preview of our site and models, you are expected to purchase VIP Chat time once in a while to remain in good standing with us. If you never buy VIP Chat time, expect to have access to our site blocked after a while." Yikes - being blocked just because you wanted to see free nudity!?! Imagine if this was the case over at DirectSex -- the whole webcam community would be a 'no-fly zone' for many of us, who revel in free cam chat, with that tasty splash of nakedness. It's the tantalising foreplay prior to a private.

Nevertheless, apparently "regular customers receive free minutes and other perks." But, truly, it's frustrating to be confronted with a free chat area devoid of any sexy sneak-peeks at the goodies. It's quite depressing to chat in such a PG-rated environment - "hi" "hi" "how r U?" "fine. u?" Almost every cam-site allows a bit of raunchiness. Without it, there's a distinct feeling that your mother is stood over your shoulder, proof-reading your posts (what a thought!) Sad

Now contrast this with the heaping amounts of T&A on the site's homepage - boobs, legs spread wide and girls licking their lips with glee. (By the way, I love the poor Russian to English translations -- "Live Interacative, Adult Intertainment" -- hilarious). However, this is surely a good sign, showing plenty of promise of what you will see if you venture outside of the free chat mode...

The other options include Group Nude Chat Mode for between $1.99 to $3.99 a minute (strangely, I noticed the price fluctuating? Perhaps depending on the time of day or how many users are online, or how many models are available...?) - for Group Nude Chat Mode, simply read PrivateFeeds Free Mode - and VIP Private Mode for $2.99 to $4.99 a min. Now, there's something a tad fishy about these modes - I think the girls are playing a bit of a game, but I could be wrong. For instance, I was happily chatting up a hot blonde in free chat and all was well, when suddenly she disappeared into Group Nude Chat. Did somebody really invite her there? Or did she sneak over there, on her own, hoping a few of us would follow?

In a system-glitch, occasionally I was told the model had logged off by a video message (a very annoying girl telling me to return to the main menu and pick another girl). But when I stayed on the same page, refraining from leaving, it returned to my free chat, where the model was still waiting and chatting. Now, like I said, it could be a system glitch (I get those all the time on my Outlook Express at work, and I don't believe Microsoft is conspiring against me), yet, I got the feeling it was the site trying to shake me down by frustrating my free chat session. It was like 'go to private now, or we will disrupt your free chat time.' Who knows?? But, it was definitely infuriating and disruptive... And, yes, I do want to assassinate that 'This model has logged off' girl from the video message! Very annoying to see her say the same thing twenty times over the course of five minutes of free chat...

Anyways, while I'm griping, the backdrop to the whole website is Peptobismol pink (which makes me want to hurl) and the Bios for the girl performers are very brief. A missed opportunity to turn us on... Furthermore, the number of girls is exceptionally, drastically, incredibly limited. Where is everyone?? At times, there are only two girls available online, and guess what!? They are both in Group Nude Chat - so, basically, there is no free chat. Which sucks.

And, moreover, LiveSexyDolls features a scheduling system, so you can see when your favorites will be live next. Not a bad idea, seeing that many of us search in vain for our faves over at Secretfriends, yet it serves as evidence that no other girls are coming online at Live Sexy Dolls for hours and hours - so why would I wait around? You've just told me that this site is about to become as barren as the Gobi desert in two seconds. Adios, I'm outta here.

They should really work at getting more regulars, and the girls shouldn't mind revealing a slice of nudity in free. That would be a token gesture.

Ultimately, without even teasing by showing their butts or flashing a nip, how can they hold their own against LiveJasmin's willing lovelies? And how do we know they will do what we say in a 'pvt' if they won't even oblige our fancies in the free section? You know the old adage - You gotta spend money to make money. Well, in this case, ladies - you gotta show some flesh to get us to pay to see everything...

Keep on Camming!
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