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Reader review: RULES -- READ FIRST! Forum Index -> Reader reviews -> Reader review: RULES -- READ FIRST!
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Site Admin

Joined: 12 Oct 2004

Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 8:31 am    Post subject: Reader review: RULES -- READ FIRST! / Reader review: RULES -- READ FIRST!

If you are just here to read reviews -- ok just go and read them.

If you want to WRITE your own review -- then please pay attention, here are Da Rules.

1. No spammy self-written reviews by cam sites or cam girls -- I WILL DELETE THEM

2. I'm NOT kidding about rule #1 -- if you think you can get your "friend" to write it for you and I'm going to believe that then give up now.

3. Actual detailed reviews only -- quick one, liners or even a couple paragraphs can go in the other forums.

A real review should include AT LEAST:

  • 500 -- 1000 words with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar (well, at least as good as mine)
  • Factual description of the site covering appearance, ease of use, payment choices, types of registration, video quality, number and types of hosts.
  • Opinions about the site, whether you liked it and so on.
  • One screen shot showing the who's online screen or the chat window. Use imageshack to host your screen shot which MUST NOT INCLUDE ANY NUDITY. No, not even bare tits.

4. The subject line should be the site name and nothing else, this makes it easier to search

5. Do not include direct links to the site, instead link to our page about it. If there isn't one then write us first and we'll add one. This ties all pages about a site together for easier access.

6. No reviews that are there purely to trash a site and say how much you hate it; that's boring to read and will get me sued for libel. Pick a site you LIKE to review.

7. The review should have something new to say that isn't already covered by my or Judy's review. Best yet, review a site we haven't reviewed at all -- go to the bottom of the webcam list and choose one from the Unreviewed category.

8. You agree that I can edit or adjust the review to make it conform to the site standards. If you don't like what I did, you can delete the whole review.

If ya not sure about any of this -- write to me first and we can discuss.

happy camming!

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Only just live

Joined: 11 Jan 2006

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 3:48 pm    Post subject: reader reviews / Reader review: RULES -- READ FIRST!

Hi Tony,

I am trying to post a review but am not sure what you mean by creating a link to your page. please give more details.

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